Conference Interpreting, Consultancy and Translations

I thoroughly prepare for every single assignment, since professional conference interpreting requires not only perfect command of the languages involved and absolute reliability, but also technical terms, expertise and cultural knowledge.

Multilingual Conferences: from Consultancy to Implementation

An important aspect of my work is my consultancy service for multilingual events. I provide valuable advice and a one-stop shop for planning and organising multilingual communication in that I:

• Organise individual teams of experienced and professional interpreters for all languages.

• Provide professional technical equipment – from earphones to interpreting booths.

• Translate conference documentations and presentations.

• Create a friendly atmosphere for your guests.

If you are planning a conference, then why not benefit from my longstanding experience in the field of organizing multilingual events.

I am a service-oriented professional and ensure communication across language barriers. It is my commitment to make your event a great success for you and your guests.

Conference Interpreting

Depending on the situation and the customer’s wishes I offer different types of interpreting:

Simultaneous Interpreting

I render the spoken word immediately (simultaneously) into the target language. This enables efficient communication in as many languages as are needed in a given setting. Simultaneous Interpretation is suitable for all events.

Consecutive Interpreting

I translate the spoken word after a speaker’s presentation or contribution. This type of interpreting is suitable for example for negotiations or after-dinner speeches.

Interpreting at Negotiations At meetings or negotiations with a small number of participants, I translate after each sentence or after each clause.


I whisper a simultaneous interpretation to an individual participant.


I take pride in ensuring that my translations cannot be recognised as translated texts. Just like the original, these texts have to be meaningful and understandable in their own right. The text’s style, choice of words and complexity should be adequate and purposeful. I have listed below is a selection of the text types I translate –

Contracts, Manuals and instructions, Seminar documents, Publications, Manuscripts, Correspondence, Internet sites and much more…